Great seeing our friend Steve Emtman make is television debut.


Great seeing our friend Steve Emtman make is television debut.

SteveEmtmanZombie Steveshead2

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Spokane Recognized for Car Insurance Affordability


Spokane Recognized for Car Insurance Affordability

NerdWallet looks at the impact of location on car insurance premiums

 San Francisco, CA (February 12, 2014) – NerdWallet, a consumer advocacy website, recently conducted a study to find the places with the cheapest car insurance premiums in the United States – and Spokane is in the top 10.  AAG Insurance is pleased to be bringing you the findings.

Using the profile of a 26-year-old male who drives a 2012 Toyota Camry and has no history of accidents, they analyzed premiums in the largest 125 U.S. cities to find the places with the least expensive car insurance.  Spokane had some of the cheapest car insurance rates nationwide.

They discovered the following:

  • Premiums can increase dramatically depending on the location: Detroit’s average annual premium, $10,723.22, is more than eight times higher than that of Spokane.
  • State laws can play a major role in car insurance rates: The most expensive cities for car insurance are all in states with no-fault car insurance laws.

It was determined that Spokane has the ninth least expensive car insurance premiums in the nation. The average annual car insurance premium in Spokane is $1,307.68.

Other metropolitan areas that made the list include Boise (ID), Rochester (NY), and Charlotte (NC).

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Medical Spa Insurance


When one of our clients take the time to send us a written testimonial, I always love to share it…

“Throughout the process, Jason Kunz at AAG Insurance impressed me as someone who wanted to do good work, not just sell me a policy. After seeing the quotes, everything was in good order and his pricing was considerably less than anyone else, and did not lower the coverage limits. I look forward to working with Jason for a long time.”

Dr. Chris Elder, MD
Doctors Doctor Medical Staffing, LLC
Houston, TX

Medical Spa Insurance

Medical Spa Insurance Director

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Do I need to Insure a Golf Cart?


Every year in Spokane, WA the city hosts a Golf & Travel Show, which I look forward to every year.   Try out the newest golf technology, swing some new clubs, and get a taste of the game I love during the cold winter months.   Being the social media savvy person I am, I decided to tweet about the Spokane Golf Show and make a comment about how we insure golf carts for several of our clients and the importance of doing so.

I apologize if you don’t speak twittereese, but here is the conversation.

I posted… “#Spokane Golf Show… Insurance and golf carts. #blog

They responded… @AAGInsurance : “Never thought about insuring a golf cart!”

I responded… @SpokaneGolfShow: “Yes, we insure lots. It could flip, injure, or get stolen. VERY cheap to add”

So, I wanted to back up my statement on golf cart insurance being cheap to add to a policy, so I had one of the great agents I work with call Mutual of Enumclaw (MOE), a highly respected and phenomenal insurance carrier to work with, to confirm my statement.  I was told that we could add the golf cart policy as an “inland marine”  addition.  That is the same type of policy used to add jewelry, guns, or fine art to a home insurance policy.

MOE gave me some rough estimates based on a golf cart being worth $5,000  (*this is not official, and can change due to numerous factors).

Deductible = $100    –> est $70/year   ($5.83/mo)

Deductible = $250    –> est $56/year    ($4.67/mo)

Deductible = $500    –> est $45.50/year    ($3.79/mo)

You need to think WHAT IF.   WHAT IF your golf cart flips over?  WHAT IF your cart is stolen?  Anything is possible.  For just a few dollars a month, you can protect your assets, and keep your mind at ease in case the worst happens.

Call AAG Insurance for all your insurance needs including golf cart insurance.

golf cart insurance


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Important Thanksgiving Safety Tips


Top tips for a safe Thanksgiving Holiday!

  • It is important to stay in the kitchen while you are cooking on the stove so you can constantly keep an eye on the food.
  • Stay in the home when cooking your turkey and check on it frequently.
  • Keep children away from the stove. Stove are hot and kids need to stay at least 3 feet away.
  • Make sure kids stay away from hot food and liquids. The steam or splash from vegetables, gravy or coffee could cause serious burns.
  • Keep the floor clear so you don’t trip over kids, toys, pocketbooks or bags.
  • Always keep sharp knives out of the reach of children.
  • Be sure electric cords from an electric knife, coffee maker, plate warmer or mixer are not dangling off the counter within easy reach of a child.
  • Keep matches and utility lighters out of the reach of children.  You can always keep dangerous materials locked up in a cabinet or garage.
  • It is imperative that you never leave children alone in room with a lit a candle.
  • Finally, you need to make certain your smoke alarms are working. Test them by pushing the test button.  Make sure they have new batteries.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from AAG Insurance!!!

from AAG Insurance

from AAG Insurance



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Life Insurance Coverage


Consider Your Life Insurance Coverage
Life changes. When it does, your insurance probably should, too.

  • New Debt
  • Buying a new home, refinancing or making a big purchase can all increase financial responsibilities.
  • Marriage
  • Newlyweds typically want to make sure a surviving spouse will be able to pay the bills and send the kids to college.
  • New Baby
  • Each new child—whether through birth, adoption, or marriage—increases the family’s financial and caregiving responsibilities.
  • Retirement
  • Life insurance can help with final expenses, create an income-tax-free inheritance, or replace lost income from the deceased spouse’s Social Security or pensions.
  • Divorce
  • Even when emotional ties are broken, some financial obligations cannot be dissolved. Life insurance can help replace alimony or child support, or help pay for childcare if the primary caregiver dies.
  • Promotion
  • Coverage may need to be increased to match a new, higher salary.
  • Job Change
  • A new policy may be needed to replace or supplement coverage that is lost after leaving an employer.

How will your family support themselves without your income if you don’t have life insurance?

Will your family suffer financially if they have to pay for your end-of-life arrangements?

Will you benefit from the peace of mind what comes with the knowledge that your loved ones will not be burdened?

WA Life Insurance

Life Insurance

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Palouse Cares


AAG Insurance supports Palouse Cares.  On Saturday, December 9th, please be ready to donate food.  Our agents will be helping out.  Here are the details.  

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Locum Tenens Malpractice Insurance


At AAG Insurance, we are experienced in helping locum tenens organizations stay out of trouble with custom created insurance programs.  Locum Tenens Institutes provide “substitute” medical professionals in a wide-array of niches. When a medical organization needs to fill a void in their practice, they can contract with Locum Tenens Institutes to find the temporary medical professional to fill an important need. No matter what specialties or procedures your medical center, surgery center, or medical practice requires, we can properly insure your Locum Tenens Institute. We know that each organization is unique, so our Locum Tenens Insurance programs are tailored to our clients needs. We proudly serve the medical industry, and know the inherent risks associated with owning a Locum Tenens practice. Call us today for a free Locum tenens Insurance quote today, and sleep well knowing your practice is under the guidance of the medical malpractice leaders.  Click here to learn about our locum tenens insurance programs.  360-748-8855

Locum Tenens Malpractice Insurance 

Locum Tenens Insurance Programs

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Spokane Safety Saturday


Spokane Safety Saturday is on September 22nd from 10-2pm.

In a world full of violence and unforeseen tragedies, keeping our children safe is no doubt the number one top priority of families. However, AAG Insurance of Spokane Washington wants families to know that they too are focused on maintaining safety. That is why on Saturday September 22rd, from 10 AM until 2 PM, AAG Insurance will be hosting Spokane Safety Saturday.

This free, family focused event will be placed in a carnival atmosphere will provide families with free access to information and tips on issues such as Amber Alert plans, Car Safety, Gun Safety Awareness, Home Safety, and Fire Safety. To ensure that information provided is accurate, AAG is bringing in the professionals. Representatives from such organizations as the Police Department, Fire Department, Red Cross, Highway Patrol, and Spokane’s Local Military community, and many other organizations, will be on site and ready to educate all attendees. Additionally, to celebrate the new found knowledge found at Safety Saturday, there will be a door prize for all the attendees and free small meals for all children in attendance.
AAG Insurance is dedicated to the safety business and takes their responsibility to maintaining safety very seriously. To show just how important safety is, AAG has coordinated this event in hopes of raising awareness of danger and encouraging education of handling such dangers. The goal for this event is to ensure that every attendee walks away with knowledge that may someday protect and save their family.

The following events have been planned to make sure that AAG meets its goal to educate all attendees:

  • Operation Family ID
  • Amber Alert Action Plan
  • Bicycle Helmet Checks
  • Eddie Eagle Safety Program
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • P.O.P.S (Problem Oriented Public Safety) Discussion
  • Search and Rescue Emergency Response Vehicle Display
  • House Fire Escape Plans
  • Sprinkler Demo
  • Ready, Set, Go!: A Personal Wildfire Action Plan
  • 15 Minute Skits by Wattson the Avista Dog
  • Avista Safety Demo
  • Car Seat Checks
  • Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • Military and Service Vehicle Display
  • ATV Safety Information with ATV Simulator
  • Project Imprint: Injury Prevention Skits
  • Arts and Crafts

With all of the danger that surrounds us today, our community is ready for some safety planning. Join AAG Insurance for this free family event and walk away reassured that you and your family will be prepared for any emergency.

To RSVP, Like us on Facebook:

For more information, contact us via Facebook, our website, or call us directly:

Jeffrey Wolf
AAG Insurance
Spokane Safety Saturday Coordinator

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How Many Cosmetic Procedures in 2010?


The medical spa industry is growing at exponential rates.  It is important that your business keeps up with the growing industries’ needs.  That is why it is so vital to have your medical spa insurance policy with an agency that understands what your business’ risks entail.  Each medical spa is unique and has its own individual needs.  Our experience medical spa insurance agents keep up on industry trends and understand the risks involved with procedures as they become increasingly more popular and universally accepted.  As you can see from the chart, cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly more accepted as the general public understand the risks.  Call us today at AAG Insurance where your protection is our priority!  Jason Kunz is the Director of AAG’s Medical Spa Division.  Click here to learn more about our programs and watch a video featuring Jason that discusses the initial steps you need to take to sufficiently protect your clinic.

Medical Spa Infograph

Medical Spa Insurance Programs

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